Things you need to do before you travel the world

There are many things to do before you leave to ensure your journey a successful one. Here are the usual things you need to do before you travel the world.

1. Receive travel insurance.

As your current insurance policy doesn’t cover international travel, or at least nothing more than major medical incidents. Find travel insurance covering emergency evacuation, at least $ 100,000 in medical expenses, trip cancellation insurance, personal effects and lost or stolen luggage. Hopefully, you won’t have to use it, but it’s best to have it when your expensive camera falls in the Seine or your motorcycle leaks to Thailand.

2. Get rid of things.

You ask, what if I need it when I return? You don’t do that. And if you do, buy another one. Either way, chances are you will live without it for a few months, so you forget that you originally owned it yourself.

4. Receive a credit card, especially without foreign transaction fees.

This will save you a lot of money over time. There are several, but if you can get one that earns you points while you are busy, go for it. Make sure you stay up to date with invoices and try not to have a balance with you.

4. Interrupt your phone plan.

The costs of early termination are sinks and international plans are far too expensive. Call your mobile operator and see if you can put your phone plan on hold. If you have an unlocked smartphone, register your local SIM card and receive a new SIM card for the country of your choice. European countries generally have flexible and easy to understand monthly upgrade plans.

5. Make copies of all of your travel documents.

This includes copies of your passport, credit cards, permit and travel documents. Many airports in Asia do not allow you to access the airport unless your flight itinerary is with your flight information and your name. Reduce stress and take it with you. Leaving your bag or wallet at the pub can be stress-free if you have copies of your credit cards and passports to arrange everything quickly.