The Top Attractions in Ukraine

Bay of Balaklava

The Balaklava bay is located in the southwest of the Crimean peninsula. This is one of the best bays in the Black Sea, protected against storms through the mountains. It is not long, only 1.5 km and the maximum width is only 0.5 km. Here are very interesting attractions such as capes Fiolent and Aya. The most famous handmade showplace is an underground factory for the repair of nuclear submarines.

National Dendrological Park of Ukraine – Sofievka

The park is located in the central part of Ukraine, in the city of Uman (200 km south of Kyiv). Being here is like a fairy tale. It is a collection of the best achievements in the garden design of the 19th century. There are more than two thousand different types of plants.

Chersonesos Taurica

Chersonesos is a popular tourist attraction in Sevastopol, Crimea. It is an ancient Greek city on the Black Sea coast. Chersonesos includes several buildings: the Cathedral of St. Vladimir, the Basilica and the bell of Chersonesos, also known as Fog Bell.

Livadia Palace

Livadia Palace was a summer residence of the Russian tsar. The building is located in the south of the Crimean peninsula near Yalta. Everyone in the world knows this palace thanks to the Yalta conference – meeting of the heads of the UK (Prime Minister Winston Churchill), the US (President Franklin D. Roosevelt) and the USSR (Secretary-General Joseph Stalin) in 1945.

Cathedral of Saint Sophia

It is an important architectural monument of Kievan Rus’. The Cathedral of Saint Sophia is one of the most famous showplaces of the city, it is truly Ukrainian heritage that is on the world heritage list.

Odessa National Academic Theater for Opera and Ballet

It is the oldest theater in Ukraine. The history of the opera and ballet theater of Odessa starts in 1810. The facade of the building is made in Italian baroque style. The best part of theater is a hall, which is made in the rococo style.

Swallow Nest

Swallow’s Nest – is a small decorative castle located on the south coast of the Crimean peninsula between Yalta and Alupka. It is the symbol of the Crimea and a very romantic place. Now there is a restaurant in the castle, so everyone can come in and look inside.

Kreschatik Street

Kreschatik is the most famous central street in Kyiv. It stretches from Bessarabia square to the European square and has many places of interest. Among them administrative structures such as Kyiv City Council, shops and hotels. There are many monuments (in honor of the independence of Ukraine, Archangel Michael of Kyiv and others).