The most fascinating places to visit in Reykjavik [ICELAND]

Top Places to Visit in Reyjavik

Harpa Conference Center

· Hallgrímskirkja

. Árbæjarsafn

· Perlan

· National Museum of Iceland

· Sun Voyager

· National Gallery of Iceland

1. The Harpa Conference Center and Music Hall are some of the most fascinating buildings you will find in the world. The building started in 2007 but stopped during the global financial crisis. The Icelandic government intervened in 2009, funded the completion and has since welcomed more than two million visitors! It is the site of several musicals and exceptional business conferences. It houses a perfect restaurant and is a “must” for anyone visiting the beautiful city of Reykjavik.

2. Hallgrímskirkja is a remarkable Lutheran church that stands 225 feet tall, the second tallest building in Iceland. The design is world-renowned and you will be impressed by this magnificent structure.

3. Árbæjarsafn is a remarkable open-air museum presenting life as it was in the 19th century. Several houses and shops have moved from the city center to the museum. Available during the summer months, the village offers a view of life on the farm (it was a working farm until the twentieth century). It has a pretty gift shop and a charming restaurant. It’s easy to spend the day here.

4. The Perlan (Pearl in English) is a charming combination of museums, conference rooms, and restaurants. Originally a series of hot water storage tanks, they were transformed into this charming model in 1991. One of the many spectacular structures of this modern city.

5. The National Museum of Iceland houses a brilliant exhibition of the life of the Icelandic nation. It contains a dazzling array of art and furniture. There are a nice gift shop and a fantastic restaurant. Easy to spend a day here.

6. The Sun Voyager is a magnificent sculpture representing the sun and is said to bring hope and the realization of dreams. It is located in the center of Reykjavik.

7. The National Gallery of Iceland houses the works of many renowned Icelandic artists. The building itself is a magnificent structure and the art exhibitions are impressive. The museum contains a beautiful shop and an excellent restaurant. Easy to spend the day here.

It is not possible to describe all the beautiful sites to see in this wonderful city in an article as short as this one. You will find a visit to Reykjavik one of the most delicious places you have ever been to. There are many excellent hotels and restaurants in this modern city. Summer is undoubtedly the best time to visit, although winter offers some impressive events.