Studying in Berlin – First Five Steps in the City

So you booked your German course in Berlin, and you are excited, even a little nervous, on your first day in town. And now? Well, you’re not just here to study,

1. The Brandenburg Gate

The monumental Brandenburg Gate is not far behind the Berlin Wall in the emblematic ring. It is a beautiful gateway to Berlin’s most important boulevard, Unter den Linden and borders the equally symbolic Reichstag. In addition to the old dividing line between East Germany and West Germany, the Brandenburg Gate was the site of the history of some of the city’s historic occasions, triumphal entries to great speeches. Today it is a beautiful and cherished symbol of the reunified city.

2. The Holocaust Memorial

Just south of the Brandenburg Gate is further evidence of the city’s recent troubled history: the Holocaust Memorial. The monument covers an area of ​​approximately five hectares and consists of 2,711 concrete slabs in wavy rows. Going down the rows, you have the impression of walking among a sea of ​​immense tombs. It is a moving and dark monument to the atrocities of Nazi Germany.

3. The Berlin Wall

When it comes to sights in Berlin, they don’t get much more iconic than the Berlin Wall. There is an important part next to the former Gestapo headquarters (around the corner from Checkpoint Charlie), and another in the east it runs along the river, which is called the ‘East Side Gallery’.
Curiously, where it once was, you now see a line on the sidewalk. Nowadays, when Berlin and Europe, in general, live in peace, it is difficult to imagine events that make such a thing happen, and the remains of the wall as a kind of time capsule and a vestige fascinating of a city once divided.

4. Museum Island

The group of museums that make up “Museum Island” is one of the city’s most popular attractions. The heart is the immense Pergamon Museum, which houses a collection of world-renowned art and architecture. The Alte National Gallery, the Alte Museum and the Bode Museum form a cultural centre that few other cities in the world can match.

5. The Berliner Dom

After enjoying the cultural feast on Museum Island, you are just a few minutes’ walks from the mighty Berliner Dom, the city’s main cathedral. A beautiful neoclassical structure, like many other buildings in the city, was severely damaged by Allied bombing during the war. When it was reopened for a big fanfare in 1993, there was a very emotional feeling in a series of long-awaited chapter the first thing to do is go out, and see some of the city’s iconic sights.