Spending days in Switzerland: what to see and do in the Alpine paradise

From Bollywood’s romantic movies to your girlfriend’s secret fantasies, Switzerland has been seen in many aspects of your life! So now that you’ve earned enough, it’s time to make your dream come true and sail into this fairytale land of the Swiss Alps and go skiing!

Tourism in Switzerland is the main attraction of many international vacation packages. The country’s appeal is undeniable and the variety it offers is enough to make you swoon! A 10-day trip in this European nation should fulfill all your wishes and fantasies! And better take that girlfriend of yours for a surprisingly romantic vacation.

While the country has produced in dozens of attractions, here are some that are more popular:

I. Canton of Valais: a landscape area with terrifying mountains that laugh and quiet valleys whispering out loud! Peaceful hamlets and not-so-quiet ski resorts will give your experience more fire. The Aletsch Glacier is a special attraction and the shady Matterhornberg has a haunting charm.

ii. Lucerne or Lucerne: an area made so rhapsodic with its mountains, lakes and a medieval-era bridge – Lucerne is another top destination that should be part of your tours of Switzerland.

iii. Rhine Falls: You should check this out as it happens with the largest waterfall in Europe. It is overwhelming and roaring and can surprise you immediately. Another waterfall that is very popular, especially among the bookworms, is the Reichenbach Falls. It was in this place that Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes slipped and died (although he later made a comeback)!

Some outdoor activities to do in Switzerland:

During your 10-day trip, you can’t really afford to lounge around in your hotel or drive luxury cars to attractions. These mountains require you to stretch your muscles and try some outdoor activities. Here’s a quick check:

– Hiking is one of the most prominent activities enjoyed in these places

– Cycling or mountain biking can be very exciting along the slopes of the picturesque Alps

– There are a number of adventure sports that tourism in Switzerland has selected for you. The popular ones include skiing, water skiing, surfing, and river rafting

– Ride through the icy glaciers and hills with special express trains that are very attractive to foreign tourists

– Shop as if your life depended on it. You have to invade all those shops that sell Swiss watches and chocolates

– Stroll through the sights and castles of the country; visit museums and indulge your taste buds with Swiss wine