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Selecting The Best Canadian Province For Your Family Through The Canada Provincial Nominee Program

The second-largest country in the world by land area, Canada offers a diverse range of occupations, societies, and communities in which to settle. Each of the 13 provinces in Canada has unique characteristics and requirements. What province in Canada is the best one to call home? The Provincial Nominee Program is one of the most effective methods for obtaining permanent residence in Canada (PNP).

The Canada PNP gives candidates for Canada’s Express Entry immigration programme the chance to be almost automatically accepted if they intend to live in a particular province. However, only 11 of Canada’s 13 provinces offer this, and each has its own needs and specifications for its provincial nominee programmes. To help you decide which province is best to enter through a PNP, this article reviews all of the various provincial programmes.

An explanation of the provincial nominee programme

If the applicant receives a nomination from a particular Canadian province, a PNP is a system that expedites the processing of an immigration application for permanent residence. The candidate must intend to reside in a specific province, meet the requirements of the provincial government, and adhere to the laws of that province in order to be nominated.

In general, there are two types of provincial nominee programmes. The PNP for Skilled Workers is the first. These typically call for a genuine job offer from a local employer, work experience gained in the province or territory, and some sort of adaptable or familial ties to someone living in the province.

Which Canadian province offers the best PNP opportunities?


The province of Manitoba is eager to house international students. In Manitoba, there are three main ways to become a provincial nominee.

Employment Career Pathway

Students looking for long-term employment in Manitoba should apply to this programme. Working in one of Manitoba’s high-demand professions is the best way to receive a nomination from that province. Here is a list of the most in-demand jobs in Manitoba.

Pathway to Graduate Internships

Through this route, students pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree in Manitoba will be put on a fast track during their internship training. The candidates should have completed internships at a minimum of two well-known organisations in Manitoba: Acceleration and Elevate, and they should be seen as adding value to Manitoba’s innovation and economy. These companies provide highly educated students with paid internship opportunities.

Pilot Program for Global Student Entrepreneurs
With the help of this programme, international students who have finished their studies in Manitoba will have the option to launch their own business there rather than look for employment. To be eligible for this pilot, you must own at least 51% of the company you intend to launch.


Work Experience Category in Saskatchewan
Candidates who have a valid work permit and are presently residing and employed in Saskatchewan are eligible. This primarily serves those in the healthcare, hospitality, and transportation industries, but it also serves students and other skilled workers.

Category of Entrepreneur

Those who want to launch a new business in Saskatchewan should specifically use this category.

Farm Operator and Owner Category

Candidates who intend to purchase and operate a farm in Saskatchewan should apply.

New Brunswick

One of Canada’s four Atlantic Provinces is New Brunswick. As a result, it is covered by the Atlantic Immigration Pilot, a programme for immigration that seeks to grant citizenship to skilled foreign workers who can fill a shortage in the province’s labour market. They typically need a job offer from a specific employer, and it has to be one that the employer can substantiate they couldn’t fill on the local labour market.

New Brunswick has its own Express Entry Stream, Skilled Workers’ Stream, and Entrepreneurial Stream in addition to the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP).

Labrador and Newfoundland

Newfoundland and Labrador, another Atlantic province in Canada, and New Brunswick share many PNP categories. It is a part of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot, but it also has the Entrepreneur, Express Entry, and Skilled Worker streams.

Additionally, it has two other categories: one for international graduates and one for international graduates who are entrepreneurs. Similar to Manitoba’s Graduate Internship Pathway and International Student Entrepreneur Pilot, these offer nominations to graduates of Canadian tertiary institutions who are seeking employment or to launch a business in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Island of Prince Edward

Prince Edward Island is a part of Atlantic Canada and is covered by the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, along with Newfoundland and Labrador and New Brunswick (AIPP). Prince Edwards Island has its own Express Entry, Skilled Workers, International Graduate, and Entrepreneurship streams, just like the other Atlantic Provinces.

In addition to these, Prince Edward Island offers the Critical Workers Stream for PEI and the Skilled Workers Outside of Canada Stream.

Employer-driven, the Critical Workers Stream enables local businesses to hire foreign nationals for labour positions that they are unable to fill locally.

The Skilled Foreign Workers in Canada Prince Edward Island might be the most deserving Canadian province to receive a nomination thanks to stream. If local candidates are not available to fill open positions, it permits local employers to hire foreign workers. To apply, you must have a genuine job offer.

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia has the most PNP categories out of all the Canadian Atlantic Provinces. Like the other Atlantic provinces, Nova Scotia offers streams for skilled workers, international graduates, and entrepreneurs.

Additionally, if a candidate’s skills match the needs of the Nova Scotia job market, they are chosen only from the national express entry pool by the Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities Stream.

The Physicians Stream is a stream that is only for doctors in Nova Scotia. In addition to all of these, Nova Scotia also has its Occupations In-Demand Stream, which is the province’s version of the Critical Workers Stream on Prince Edward Island.

Northwest Territories

The Northwest Territories may be your best option if you’re considering where in Canada to settle down and value natural beauty. There are four main PNP streams in the Northwest Territories. There are Express Entry, Skilled Workers, and Entrepreneur Streams, although the latter is known as a Business stream in the Northwest Territories, just like the Atlantic Provinces.

It also has a programme known as the Entry-Level/Semi-Skilled Occupation Stream, which functions similarly to Prince Edward Island’s Critical Workers Stream or Nova Scotia’s Occupations In-Demand Stream.


The Yukon, which is right next to the Northwest Territories, is ideal for people who enjoy the vast, untamed wilderness.

Similar to the previous provinces, the Yukon has nomination categories for Express Entry, Skilled Workers, Entrepreneurs (called the Business Nominee Program), and Entry Level Workers (called the Critical Impact Worker Program). Additionally, the Yukon offers the Yukon Community Pilot, a programme that enables applicants to hold multiple jobs in order to meet the requirements for obtaining permanent residence.

British Columbia (BC)

BC is consistently ranked highly when people consider where to live in Canada because it is home to one of the country’s largest cities, Vancouver. There are four main PNP categories in BC. Like the other Canadian provinces, BC has an Entrepreneur Stream, Express Entry, and a programme for entry-level and semi-skilled jobs called the BC Skills Immigration Stream. However, BC also has the BC Tech Pilot, which focuses on recruiting candidates with a background in technology. This programme looks for international students and employees who can significantly advance the tech sector in BC.


Edmonton and Calgary are located in Alberta, one of Canada’s provinces with the densest populations. Since Alberta has the most PNPs and their categories are so broad, it could be argued that Alberta is a great place to obtain a PNP.
Alberta’s Nomination Program covers a much wider range of industries and needs, despite sharing many streams with other Canadian provinces.