Scholarship Search – Find the Best Summer Scholarships for Studying Abroad

There are things to be considered when looking for foreign scholarships abroad. Also, is that travelling abroad for studying is not cheap and most students think it is a luxury that they cannot afford. With several summer scholarship programs available today, it could be much cheaper than people think. Because it is very competitive but possible to receive scholarships abroad with the right efforts and research, students help to cover part or all of the costs related to studies, accommodation and fees trip.

Fulbright Program

The Fulbright Program, which offers sponsorship of international educational exchanges, is one of the most reputable university scholarship programs in the world. Fulbright scholarships abroad are generally intended for graduate students, but excellent students may be highly recommended.

The basic criteria are: be an American citizen, have a good understanding of the country language where the candidate will study be in good health. However, learning a language requires much more than that, as the Fulbright scholarship is known for truly talented students. A lot of records in professional experience, academic excellence, and a personal statement, are seriously considered. Fulbright scholarships are perfect for young, intelligent and persistent students with financial need, as they cover a significant portion of tuition and living expenses.

CIEE Scholarships Abroad

CIEE, which stands for Council on International Education Exchange, is a non-profit organization founded in 1947 in the United States. It promotes international education and has, among other activities, 95 foreign programs with scholarships between $ 500 and $ 8,000 available for eligible students.

Although eligibility criteria vary from program to program, a student generally must submit a completed scholarship abroad, an academic statement, a personal statement and an essay. Not all applicants would receive a grant; therefore, a successful applicant must be of excellent quality and demonstrate that the candidate is academically and financially excellent.

Golden Key Scholarship Abroad

Golden Key, a leading college honorary society, offers $ 600,000 in scholarships and prizes each year. The Golden Key Foreign Scholarship Program offers prizes of $ 1,000 each year to students participating in study abroad programs. Undergraduate and graduate students are eligible, provided they are enrolled or will be enrolled to study abroad the year following the scholarship.

The scholarship program requires remarkable academic performance from the student and the relevance of studying abroad for the main field. The registration of a scholarship application requires the presence of a description of university studies and achievements, an official transcript and a one-page declaration written by the applicant.