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November 12, 2018
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November 12, 2018

NYSC 2018 Batch C Stream I Relocation Granted

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This is to inform 2018 Batch “C” Stream l Corps Members who applied for Relocation on Camp based on Health or Marital grounds that have been granted Relocation Approval to report at their New State of Deployment within Twenty-One (21) days.

Failure to comply leads to Automatic Reversal/Cancellation of such Relocation Approval.

Login to your dashboard to see your Relocation Status.


How to Print 2018 NYSC Batch C Stream I Relocation Letter. 

1. Go to your dashboard at

2. Enter your Email address and password used during registration.

3. Click on the Relocation Status, if your request is granted.

4. Click on the link and make a payment of N1, 000 through NYSC Remita.

5. Print your Relocation letter and report at the Federal Secretariat of the new state you are relocated to.

6. Submit your files, get a new state code and do all the necessary documentation

7. Proceed to your new Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) with your new posting letter.

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  1. I am relocated to another state but I am asked in the camp to report to my new state on 10th of December

    • admin says:

      If you applied for Relocation in camp, it takes only 21 days which is lesser than the date. Check your Relocation letter and see it. If you fail to report early. You will go back to the state you camped and reapply after 3 months

  2. johnson mary says:

    I did my relocation on camp and my letter carry 3rd of nov that when I left camp…but when I got to my relocated state I was asked to come back on the 10th of dec for registration.

  3. Please I have already been relocated but I want to stay in the state I did my camp. Please what can I do.

  4. Darymore says:

    I want to cancel my relocation online. If at all it is approved, how can I reject it?.

  5. Favour says:

    Pls I want an instant relocation how can I do it . And is it possible?

  6. Goodness says:

    I Have reported to the state I was relocated to, and I want to cancel my relocation, so what can I do

  7. Mike says:

    Pls I am 2018 batch C stream 1, is it possible to receive my relocation approved letter on the 5th of December

  8. Oladetan monday says:

    Pls, I am batch C 2018 stream 1, I want to relocate after camp, they said I will apply online within 3 months but my posting wil be after 3 months and online relocation is not open yet, wot should I do? Thanks.

  9. em says:

    hi, i had like to apply for relocation. how do i go about it. i logged in to my portal but i cant find the relocation form

  10. Confidence says:

    I was relocated to Lagos and I reported to the state and I was hearing that Lagos ppa is filled up, that they may transfer some of us to Ogun state , but my state of origin is Ogun state, so I want to ask will they still transfer me to Ogun state

  11. Yemi says:

    Good morning,
    My friend and I did our relocation outside camp on 12th November she saw her own but,I ddnt see my own the person said my name will be released with stream two batch that nysc cnt release any relocation list now till after camp with stream 2. I don’t no how true it is because a friend of mine said his friend saw his own few days after camp.Please is it true that nysc wnt realise any list till after camp?

  12. Suliyat says:

    Pls I want 2 do relocation based on marital status though my wedding is April but I want 2 start d processing by Jan. Pls hw will I go abt it.

  13. Sunusi u. says:

    I got my relocation on 5th NOV.2018 in camp, but our state coodimater say we are to report our letter to our new state on 10th december ,while in our letter we have 21 day only to report ,i’m compuse.

  14. Philip Sunday says:

    Ar we receiving d Nov n DEC allawe without clearance

  15. ibrahim says:

    i got relocation letter on 2 november and i was asked to report on 10december am now compuse….my letter wrote i have only 21days and the days was expired now

  16. Oluwaleimu adebola says:

    Please I got a message from a friend we are supposed to go for a registration before 10th of December so that they could post us on 10th of December,Please how true is it

  17. Martin says:

    When will nysc upload batch c stream 2 relocation online

  18. Bukola says:

    Pls when will batch c stream 2 start seeing their relocation approval on their dashboard

  19. Bukola says:

    Pls is it possible I still see my relocation approval on my dashboard after some days cos I was told they ave already process it but yet to see it on my dashboard. And some have started seeing their own. Am confused.

  20. Ikechukwu prisca E says:

    please I relocated from Jigawa state to Abia,,I want to know what documents are required for registration and also am I supposed to do photocopies ,and also how many passports am I suppose to go with,thanks

  21. Chidinma says:

    Pls I applied for relocation for Marita ground but yet to see it on my dashboard what will I do.pls

  22. Bukola says:

    Pls i was redeployed since on the 1st of November, and I’m still unable to print my relocation form, anytime i check i only see the relocation button and when i click on it, it takes me to application page. we are to resume at the secretariat on the 10 of Dec. Pls what can i do?

  23. Genevieve says:

    Pls it says that my application is being processed in my dashboard.but no other thing was deir

  24. Olukoya says:

    I was relocated to the state I did not want, so what can I do about it

  25. Blessing says:

    I am a married woman with a kid. I applied for relocation in camp, I was told to check my dashboard on the 5th of December. Have been checking since then only to see that my application is been processed. What do I do? How long will it take for approval. Secondly I saw that I was absent for December clearance.

  26. martin says:

    pls when can i apply for relocation after receiving my ppai letter

  27. Genevieve says:

    Pls I have been checking my dashboard is showing my application is being processed, but on relocation Nil.pls what will I do

  28. Paul Eze says:

    Please I was relocated from Bauchi to lagos and I am supposed to report to the Secretariat by 10th of December 2018.would I be granted permission to present a letter as to where I would like as my PPA? If I submit the letter, would it be granted? Must I report to the state Secretariat on Monday?

  29. Paul Eze says:

    Someone just told me now there is no more space in Lagos,that one has to look for his or her PPA. So will there still be need of going to the Secretariat tomorrow? Or better still someone should just go look for a PPA before going to the Secretariat?

  30. Paul Eze says:

    Can someone just go to the Secretariat for documentation then go look for a PPA since they said Lagos is filled up?

  31. Ajibade oluwadamilola says:

    I did my relocation and on my dashboard it’s saying its being processed and my clearance said I missed December clearance Wat can I do plan…

  32. damilola says:

    Pls I applied for relocation ND it’s saying its being processed all this while and also it says I missed December clearance Wat can I do….

  33. Ogo says:

    Pls they said you can’t relocate till after 3 months bt I can see the relocation form online. Will it work now if I apply cos I try relocating in camp bt mine didn’t work

  34. Stephanie says:

    Please I was suppose to report on the 10th but I didn’ it still possible for me to still go AMD report this coming Monday?

  35. I submit my relocation letter at Lagos state Secretariat on 5th of december till now my state code as not will I go about it

  36. Olawale funmilayo janet says:

    I did relocation to Ogun,n ve done all d necessary documentation n I was given a new state code og/18c/3603 but on my dashboard it was mistakenly written as og/18c/3606..what can I do and please when will our pos letter be ready.. Thanks

  37. Umar says:

    My relocation is writing congratulations your relocation has been approved but to print your relocation form you are to get clearance from your state coordinator
    I have been cleared at the state secretariat for 24 hours now, but up till now have not been able to pay the 1045naira and print my relocation letter
    What’s going on??

  38. Sophia says:

    Good evening guys. Pls am batch c stream 1 and i just saw my relocation been approved. I dont intend going to the new approved state. How do i go about it please?

    • admin says:

      If you print out your relocation letter, you will see the deadline given to you to report to the new state. Allow it to elapse. Go back to the state you camped

  39. Paul says:

    Please can I still relocate now?

    2018 Batch C, stream 1

  40. Paul says:

    Please can I still relocate now?

    2018 Batch C, stream one

  41. Sanya mayowa Abolaji says:

    I did my relocation on 24th of January, batch c stream 1.but my relocation is not yet approved..pls my be the delay

  42. Wathi says:

    is the relocation application still going on?

  43. Daniel Otufadebo says:

    I tried relocation on camp for batch c stream 1 but it didn’t work….and now on my dashboard it’s still showing your application is being processed

  44. Scarlet says:

    Good morning admin, I want to re-apply for relocation but there is no option for health, pls what should I do about it. And they are asking for description of reason. What should i do, pls reply. Thank you

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