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Nursing Jobs In Australia : Find Out How Many Professions Are Recession Proof

The growing population and the effects of structural changes of aging in the ever-increasing society are increasingly demanding Australian community nursing resources. As a result, nurses are in high demand in all Australian states and territories. What this means for the foreign worker who is considering relocating to Australia is that there are plenty of opportunities to get the right positions with excellent pay that offer rewarding careers, continuing education, and promotion, as well as ‘a quality of life that Australians have enjoyed for decades.

According to AUCEC, several occupations are recession-proof. Nursing is one of those professions. They go on to say that Australia is experiencing a high demand for nurses, which has created a shortage of jobs. The University of California, in recent research on global nursing employment trends, compounded this situation by estimating that Australia will have fewer than 40,000 registered nurses by the end of 2010. Like many other countries with the same problems, the performance Health The health system is suffering from this shortage, surgeries are postponed, and people requiring health care are pushed more and more on the waiting list.


AUCEC has identified several factors contributing to this shortage, including the aging of the population. This has a double-edged sword in which the increase in the median age of the community translates into increased pressure to provide specialized health and home care services to the elderly. Also, as the population ages, much of the current nursing workforce will approach retirement age shortly. According to the Australian Health Workforce Institute, the average age of a nurse is 45. Also, 90,000 nurses are expected to retire by 2020.

Australia’s health and community services industry

With Australia’s health and community services industry being the third-largest industry and employing over ten percent of the country’s total workforce, it needs to find new and innovative ways to attract workers to fill vacant nursing positions. The Australian government recognizes the urgency of the situation and encourages international workers to fill available and future nursing positions. Priority visa applications are available for qualified nurses in the category of skilled migrants.

The benefit of accessing a nursing career in Australia

The benefit of accessing a nursing career in Australia is not just a short term option. With the demand for qualified medical personnel in Australia showing no signs of abating, the prospects for movement and career progression are easily achievable. According to Access Economics, the demand for nursing care in the future will grow even more, driven by an aging population and developing community standards for the health services provided. Do you want to make a real difference in people’s lives, while also enjoying the nature, friendship, and culture that Australia has to offer? Consider a nursing job in Australia, and you won’t regret it.

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