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Moving to Qatar: Explore the main things you need to know when moving to Qatar for employment

Living in Qatar can be an extraordinary cultural experience because you have the opportunity to explore the roads of a new country. It can be different from your home country in many ways. Read about some important things to consider when moving to Qatar for work.

In 2013, Qatar was named the richest country in the world by Forbes. As the United Nations Development Program points out, it has the highest level of human development. It is estimated that more than 500 foreigners arrive in Qatar every day. Thus, Qatar is home to a large number of ex-pats who have immigrated here for work and to people drawn to its luxurious life.

Work in Qatar

Due to the influx of foreigners to Qatar, the entire country has gradually changed English to the preferred language for business. In addition to the petrochemical industry, job opportunities are also opening up in different industries, such as construction and real estate.

Most ex-pats can find a job before arriving in the country. Most of the workweek is Sunday through Thursday and Friday and Saturday are weekends.

It is normal for foreigners in higher positions to work on weekends or overtime. Some other necessary matters related to your work and your life are as follows.

Cost of living

Living and working in Qatar, there are many opportunities to earn money and save money. Most ex-pats are drawn to the well-paid packages on offer. Although the cost of products and services has been increasing for many years, it is still easy to live comfortably. The rent varies depending on the type of property you are looking for. The subsidy can be paid monthly or in a lump sum.


Accommodation facilities here range from luxury villas to more modern apartments. Foreigners with families generally like to live in the complex because they provide more outstanding security and you are generally surrounded by other foreign families.

In some cases, it is well known that the organization will rent the entire premises exclusively for its employees, which also reduces the rent slightly. Some complexes are equipped with all the amenities you may need, from gyms and swimming pools to bistros and supermarkets. Most of the villas have at least four bedrooms and a garden area.

Health care

The Qatari healthcare system is acceptable. Whether local or foreign, Hamad Medical Corporation will provide free clinical treatment to anyone who registers with it. It is important to know that 500 ex-pats are expected to move to Qatar every day, which puts tremendous pressure on the system.

Waiting time at medical centers has increased and more people have opted for private healthcare services, which can be more expensive. The organization may or may not provide health insurance to its employees, but it does not provide it by default.

Take out

There may be pros and cons to working in Qatar, but knowing certain things before you leave will definitely make your experience in your new country better.