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Moving to France – Obtaining a long-term visa and a residence permit as an immigrant

France is more than just a home for famous French cuisine. It also provides a wide range of opportunities for foreigners who want to settle down. It has excellent tourist destinations, and the most popular one is the Eiffel Tower. It is also ideal for retirees who want to live in the northern and western coastal plains and in the high mountain ranges in the southeastern Alps. But more than all of these things, there are hundreds of reasons why you are considering moving to France.

You can also be a tourist looking for temporary or permanent work in the country. Before you go there, you must know how to obtain a long-term visa before moving and a residence permit upon arrival. Here are some procedures to consider in this vital section for moving to France.

Settlement in France – long-term visa

Assuming you’re an employee moving to France, you need business financing. The company will also assist you with legal procedures in the country. If you don’t get the support of any company, here’s what you need to do to get a long-term visa.

1. You must complete the long-term tourist visa application. These forms are readily available to the French consulates and French embassy. It costs about $ 120. Also, you must explain how you will be able to provide for yourself once you arrive in the country. Also, provide information about your financial situation. This will be used to assess whether or not it will place a burden on the country.

2. Wait for your visa to be approved. Approval takes 2 to 6 months, so it is best to wait for it. If you get your permission, you must wait another three months before being allowed to enter France.

Settlement in France – residence permit

Once in France, you will need to go to the county office. Make sure to do this within eight days of your arrival. Bring your passport with you. The county office will give you a list of documents to bring to your next meeting with them. The list includes passport photos, proof of insurance, financial data and marriage license if you are a married woman.

Also, you will need to undergo a physical examination. He will head this French office for international migration. The test costs about $ 180 and will be used to make sure you are not a drug user. Once you have completed all of these procedures, you can return to the county office and obtain your residence permit. This should be renewed every year.

Given the process of obtaining a long-term visa and residence permit when moving to France, you may give up moving to the country. But you have to secure these things if you want to make sure your step is successful. Remember, this is just the beginning of everything. You should focus on other necessities for moving to France, such as hiring international motors, finding housing, and handling financial needs.