Most jobs available in Canada – Check and Apply

2021 was a big year to find new job opportunities, with more than 80,000 new jobs created in August, 45,000 in September and an average of 3,600 immigrants who were asked to apply for a permanent residence permit.

The Canadian government has introduced many options for skilled and semi-skilled workers to obtain permanent residence in Canada, including the most popular and fastest method of immigration: the Express Entry system, which allows you to arrive in Canada in just 6 months to settle.

There are currently several occupations in Canada, but some occupations provide more jobs than others. It very much depends on the location. Saskatchewan, for example, is a Prairie province with over 44,000 farms. So it makes sense that occupations like farmworkers and truck drivers are in greater demand, according to British Columbia. Vancouver is currently ranked first in North America for the growth of technical jobs, even compared to technical giants such as San Francisco, Seattle and New York.

Here are the best job offers in 2022 by province/region in Canada:

Top Job Vacancies in Canada for 2022
Province/Territory Occupation Annual Salary Average
1. Northwest Territories Industrial Electricians
Construction millwrights and industrial mechanics
Supervisors, motor transport and other ground transit operators
2. Alberta Childcare and home support workers
Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses
Early childhood educators and assistants
3. British Columbia Accountants
Retail and Wholetrade Managers
Administrative Officers
4. Saskatchewan Long Haul Truck Drivers
5. Manitoba Construction Managers
Manufacturing Managers
6. Ontario Software Engineers
Computer Programmers
Information Systems Analysts
7. Nova Scotia Civil Engineers
Financial auditors
Social and community service workers
8. New Brunswick Software Engineers
Computer Programmers
Information Systems Analysts
9. Newfoundland & Labrador Petroleum Engineer
10. Prince Edward Island Mechanic
Farm labourer
Aerospace Engineers
11. Yukon Administrative assistants

Below you will find information on how to apply for the jobs most in demand for semi-skilled workers in Canada.