Most Common Jobs for Unskilled People Worldwide

Do you want to help your family financially or do you just want extra income? What happens if you do not complete the education or special training required in the position for which you are applying? Don’t worry because there are still decent jobs for unskilled people like you. Yes, even without a university degree, you can still earn a lot of money.

Here is a list of jobs for unqualified people that might interest you:

Personal Assistant

There is no specific task with this type of work. The only certain thing is that you have to help someone with a busy schedule. If you are hired, you have to make your life easier. You have to carry his things, drive his car or organize meetings for him. It can take a lot of your time because you have to be with him most of the day, but you can get paid if you work hard.

Sales Representative

One of the most common unskilled jobs is that of a sales representative. Many companies have high school graduates and they are well paid. Their main task is to retail products, goods and services to customers. To be a successful sales representative, you need to know everything about what you are selling, including weaknesses and limitations, to be able to effectively convince your customer.

Personal Trainer

You participate in prescription and teaching exercises if you choose to be a personal trainer. You don’t need to have a university degree to attract multiple wealthy clients. You just have to be impressive and hardworking enough to have a good reputation in the business. Another benefit of this business is that you get paid every hour.


Usually, security agencies do not need a university degree for people who want to be security guards. However, there are few requirements to get this job. Of course, you need a license to carry a gun. You must also be at least 18 years old without a criminal record or drug addiction. You must also undergo training. But the good news is that the training will not last for several years.

Hotel Clerk

Your job is to help guests get in and out of the hotel, motel, or resort. It may mean that you work late at night. But the compensation for this position is reasonable and does not require any prior training.


A cleaning lady is also called a janitor. In each place, there is a person in charge of cleanliness and order. It will be your job if you choose this job. Your tasks are to sweep the floors, empty the trash cans and clean the toilets. You can work in a store, building, hospital and much more. This work can also be done by maids and housekeepers.