Job Tip: Check the most dangerous jobs in the UK to avoid being an immigrant

Fishermen, sailors and merchants

Fishermen sitting by the river on a sunny weekend are unlikely to experience many life-threatening moments; However, their counterparts, professional deep-sea fishermen, do the most dangerous in the country. Sailing across seas and storms can be very dangerous. Since the work-related deaths and injuries were recorded, fishermen have topped the list with fishermen 50 times more likely to die at work than any other job.

According to records, 103 dies per 100,000 fishermen and 52 per 100,000 sailors on duty. This is an incredibly high number, although fortunately, it is lower than the number of hunter deaths in 1885, with one in 63 (about 10,000 annually) dying in action.

Get rid of bombs and mines.

Bomb and Mine Destruction experts face death almost every day and are often referred to as “Felix” because they have lived nine lives like cats. Despite this dangerous, pressure and essential mission, Felix can expect to make around £ 32,000 a year.

Oil and Gas Driller

The Piper Alpha disaster of 1988, in which 168 people were killed, highlights the potential danger of this action. Although such accidents on offshore platforms are fortunately rare, there is also a new threat to miners. Since the First Gulf War in 1991, oil and gas platforms and workers have been at the top of the list of potential terrorist targets. The attacks and hijackings became so severe on some platforms that work to protect workers was halted.

Construction workers

Over the past five years, construction-related deaths accounted for 30% of all work-related deaths in the UK. In 2013-20014, three construction workers were fatally injured on the job.

In the construction sector, scaffolding and porches are the most exposed. 23% of all deaths are caused by falls from heights, while 10% are caused by electrocution.

Commercial truck and driver

One hundred fifty accidents per day involving trucks and commercial drivers, or 54,000 accidents per year. The leading cause of these accidents can be attributed to drivers’ long working hours and the extremely tight deadlines they have to meet. All this leads to dangerous driving conditions. 1 in 4 road deaths involve the driver at work.

War Zone Security Guard

Not surprisingly, this is one of the most dangerous jobs a person can do. Security guards are mainly stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq. They usually consist of ex-soldiers and are appointed by people and companies to protect them in high-risk areas. Security guards often find themselves on the front lines and are under constant threat from terrorists