Explore top holiday activity adventure in New Zealand as a tourist

There are hundreds of travel agencies in New Zealand that offer one or more New Zealand adventure travel packages. Making decisions can be difficult but don’t worry, help is at hand. Most cities and towns have one or more tourist information websites that can help you find the place you are visiting or adventure activities nearby.

New Zealand is 100% surrounded by water, and both islands offer a wide range of exciting water activities, whether at sea, on the river, or in the lake, including diving, kayaking, fishing, swimming with dolphins, whale watching. and beautiful landscapes Cruises, sailing, rafting, and many charter boat excursions.

Here are some tips for traveling and venturing into the South Island of New Zealand; Some activities and adventures are not for the faint of heart, so keep the following in mind:

Rafting-Greymouth is called whitewater rafting or blackwater rafting. You float in the underground world of firefly galaxies, you can jump off the optional cliff or rope to the top of the river pipe section and then take a relaxing hot shower, adding more adventure and adrenaline.

Skydiving on Lake Wanaka

If you are afraid of falling, jumping out of an airplane may not be the time of entertainment you want. But rest assured, you will be tethered to the professional doing all the work for you (and pushing you out of the plane – hiding under your seat won’t help) you will never forget the amazing view, so go for that will change. your life forever

Bungee Jumping in Queenstown

If you are afraid of heights, there is no better way to solve this problem than to tie yourself to a rubber rope and jump from a very high bridge over a turbulent river. Bungee jumping was invented in New Zealand (elsewhere) and you can dive from pristine locations near Queenstown.

Kaikoura Swimming with Dolphins-South Island

We hope you didn’t see the movie “Jaws” when you were a kid, because you may not want to swim in the sea, but swimming with faint dolphins can change your view again. An organized cruise from Kaikoura will take you to the open ocean, where you can go with a herd and observe them up close in their own environment. If you’re still reluctant, you may be in luck; all trips are weather-dependent.

Fox Glacier hike

Guided walks on the Fox Glacier are actually a cool and cool experience that descends from the Fox Glacier in the Southern Alps, almost to the sea. Ice cracks and strange formations – walking on the glacier tongue is worth it. If you wish, you can fly by helicopter; they can take you further and even land on a glacier.

New Zealand is a great travel destination, and travelers from all over the world, especially Australia, “can’t wait to get there.” Make your adventure travel plans exciting!