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Do You Need a Canadian Work Permit? – Check How to Get

Are you looking for new vacancies? Beat the 2021 nomination rush by choosing from over 54,000 new jobs and applying for your Canadian work permit today!

How to apply for your work permit

Step 1: Choose your work permit

The type of work permit you apply for depends on the nature of your job. There are 2 types of work visas:

Open work permit – allows you to work for any employer in Canada; and

Employer Specific Work Permit – This allows you to work according to the specifications of your work permit, including your employer’s name, the duration of the work permit and your location.
For those who emigrated via the Express Entry system, an open work permit would be appropriate, as it allows you to live and work anywhere in Canada.

If you have registered in one of the provincial candidate programs, you need an employer-specific work permit, as you can only work for a specific company in a certain province or region.

Step 2: Check if you are eligible

There are a number of requirements that must be met to be eligible to live and work in Canada. To apply for a work permit, you must:

You can prove that you are leaving Canada after your work permit expires;

Have funds to support yourself and your family for your stay in Canada and to return home;

Have a clear criminal record;

To be in good health.

Step 3: Apply for your work permit

The best way to apply for your work permit is online. This way, you avoid courier costs and dramatically reduce your request time. You also avoid delays, especially if additional supporting documents are requested. It also guarantees that your request is complete.

Processing times vary depending on your country of origin. The processing time varies between 2 and 33 weeks. It is important to note that your processing time may be shortened if you use an accredited CRIC.