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Canadian Student Visa Update; Find out a required document for the Canada study application

List of materials for Canadian student visa application:

Obtain as many abbreviations as possible and include them in your application.

Sponsor 1 document (company)

1. Letter of Guarantee
2. Articles of Association and Articles of Association
3. CAC. certificate
4. Details of the company’s board of directors
5. Tax clearance certificate
6. The company account statements for the last six (6) months.
7. The board of directors resolution letter, indicating that they fully understand and approve the sponsorship.
8. Affidavit of Support
9. Commercial Invoice

Sponsor 2 documents (father)

1. Letter of Guarantee
2. A copy of the sponsor’s employment letter (if employed) or business documents (if self-employed) (CAC certificate, articles of incorporation and articles of association, tax clearance certificate, detailed information of company directors).
3. Payment Voucher
4. A copy of the sponsor’s employee ID card
5. A copy of the passport of the international guarantor
6. The statement of the guarantor’s salary account.
7. Copy of the sponsor’s land
8. A copy of the sponsor’s property consent letter and survey plan
9. Stocks or investment accounts (such as T/Bills) (if any)

Applicant documents

1. 1-page barcode and 2 passport photos
2. List of study permit documents (IMM5483E)
3. Application for Study Permit outside Canada (IMM1294E)
4. Family Information Form (IMM5645E) or (IMM5707E)
5. A copy of the biometric page of the applicant’s family member’s international passport or birth certificate (parents and siblings)
6. University unconditional formal admission notice
7. Statement of Purpose
8. Copy of business letter
9. Copy of Employment Confirmation
10. Employer’s letter of introduction
11. Account statement (salary account) (if any).
12. Pay stubs for the past four months
13. Copy of birth certificate
14. Copy of Good Behavior Certificate
15. A copy of the high school graduation certificate of the West African Examinations Committee
16. Copy of degree certificate
17. Copy of National Service Certificate
18. Copy of academic transcript
19. A copy of the applicant’s international passport biometric page
20. Copies of family photos. (Optional)
21. Resume
22. Professional certificate (if any)
23. Volunteer Letter
24. Work experience recommendation letter

Since you use corporate sponsorship as your main proof of support, I suggest you pay a portion of the tuition and transfer the living expenses to your account. This will resolve the issue of the availability and availability of funds that may be raised by the visa officer.