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Canada Work Permit: Review the guidelines that are governing a Canadian Work Permit

A work permit is required to work in Canada and hold a specific available position. However, there are certain rules and restrictions around this. You can get a Canadian work visa if you meet the criteria sought by the visa officer. Keep in mind that many job opportunities in Canada require skilled labor from abroad. Although this is one way to obtain Canadian citizenship in the future, the same cannot be assumed. However, the demand for employment allows it mainly for those who only intend to work temporarily in Canada.

The Canadian work permit requirements

The Canadian work permit requires that you submit certain documents for the visa officer scope. You must apply for a temporary resident visa and also provide family information, photographs, and a legal declaration from the Union de Droit common. Some visa offices also have specific local instructions that you must follow. It is not a bad idea to hire an immigration consultancy service to understand the process and determine which of the available visas would work best for you.

Point assessment system for immigration to Canada

There is a point assessment system for immigration to Canada. However, for a work permit, it is not necessary to undergo such an assessment. The points system is only applicable to those who have applied for business visas or skilled worker visas. The permit allows you to accept employment in Canada. Therefore, it is issued to those who have a written job offer from a Canadian employer. The assessment involves several stages. The profession of a foreign citizen in this capacity is examined. The question is whether it will negatively affect the interests of the country or your domestic work or not. The review is conducted by HRSDC or by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada.

Foreign citizens can apply for a work permit.

After receiving confirmation from HRSDC, the foreign citizen can apply for a work permit from CIC. The CIC or Citizenship and Immigration Canada office must be satisfied with the request. Employers are responsible for their foreign employees and must ensure that they have all the required documents. Interestingly, the work visa allows you to bring your spouse. However, spouses cannot work in Canada unless they have their job. A long list of exemptions is also provided for scenarios where temporary immigration is allowed without a valid work permit.

Applicants for a work permit

Applicants for a work permit must demonstrate that they do not intend to settle in Canada and that they will leave the country when the work visa expires. The visa officer must also be satisfied that foreign citizens have enough money to support themselves and their dependents in Canada. They must also have enough money to come back from Canada. The visa officer also checks whether or not the applicant complies with the law. This is done through a background check of criminal activity by asking one to present a police certificate. In some cases, a medical examination may also be required.