Availability of Career Opportunities Abroad

Vacancies have changed considerably in recent years. The global recession hit several countries and companies in the financial and construction sectors. Despite these circumstances, the Middle East, especially in the UAE, has remained robust and has since recovered. However, emigrants from the UK, the rest of Europe and Asia have shown an interest in Dubai as the economic market continues to improve over the past two months.

Vacancies outside the Middle East have deteriorated with political and economic problems affecting labour markets. In China, multinationals prefer those who speak Chinese and the opportunities for non-Chinese people are therefore limited. Compensatory factors have always been in demand in certain sectors of employment in the financial and retail services sector, in addition to the increase in short-term contracts.

Expatriates also saw a fall in job opportunities at technical and supervisory levels due to competition from qualified personnel in developing countries. Some experienced employees are willing to accept lower wages. The gradual emergence of skilled workers among local nationals has also been a key factor. Low-level British executives continue to make British managers a smart option. A typical American foreign worker often expects a high standard of living associated with an executive lifestyle in the United States. As a result, jobs at a higher level go to a British or European worker who is willing to be reasonably flexible about working and living conditions.

Recently the radiance of Dubai has been felt all over the world with the majestic opening of Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world and other new developments in the country. Investors and business people have since expressed optimism about the position of the country in the region. Jobs have remained attractive for some job seekers from the UK. Intrepid and experienced ex-pats are believed to hold positions in the Middle East and Africa. The new trend in the UK has come to fruition with young and mature families who find the British living conditions, tax burden, and work prospects unattractive, choosing to work and live abroad for a long time.

Dubai remains a popular destination for ex-pats, mainly job seekers from the UK. Dubai is a world-class holiday and business location and offers a good quality of life and well-paid jobs for people who want to find work outside the UK. Expats from the UK are guaranteed a new chance to get the most out of their career in Dubai. After all, they are well served in the country and most places are safe and family-friendly. Expatriates can benefit from tax-free income, excellent educational facilities, and first-class medical services. Dubai continues to confirm its status as the most important destination for ex-pats abroad in the world.