Australia launches extended stay for skilled graduates, short stay for workers: check how?

According to the latest information from Australia, the Government proudly launched a new Australian visa program for highly skilled workers. On the other hand, it has revised rules and regulations that allow all eligible graduates to remain in the country for an extended period of up to four years. This particular announcement was made by the Australian Immigration Service – DIAC (Australian Immigration and Citizenship). Most of the graduates and skilled migrant workers expressed great appreciation for these measures taken by the Government and its concerned ministry.

In the coming days, there will be an intense rush for international students who want to take advantage of this rare opportunity long before these rules and regulations are subject to further changes. Much of the hurry for students will likely come from countries in the Asia Pacific region. The next generation of students and students planning for the upcoming school year are pleased with the new visa plans in Australia.

The Australian Government has also launched a new short-stay visa for foreign workers who want to come to the country for highly specialized tasks. It must be remembered that under the previous program, qualified graduates from any Australian university were entitled to a maximum stay period of 18 months to gain the required work experience in Australia. Now, with the new visa plans, a qualified overseas graduate has time to obtain the necessary work experience in Australia during their four-year stay in Australia.

Visa for International students

All international students are highly recommended to apply for an Australian visa within six months of graduation. On the other hand, a skills assessment is one of the prerequisites for this visa plan. There is also a golden opportunity to obtain permanent residency in Australia with the regular student visa granted to qualified graduates. Extending your stay will allow them to acquire the necessary work experience in Australia.

Australian short-stay visa for foreign workers

The Australian short-stay visa for foreign workers is a golden opportunity for workers planning to visit Australia for a short period. A low-skilled worker can gain knowledge and experience by working in Australia and obtaining a highly skilled worker position within a certain short period. This decision will attract workers from the Asia Pacific region to a large extent.

According to the Australian government official announcement, this new visa system is aimed at facilitating tourists and business visitors and highly skilled workers. Also, athletes and artists fall into the category of highly qualified persons and therefore will be eligible for a short stay visa in Australia. Significantly requires an official invitation to participate in the event being held in Australia. It should be noted that the Australian subclass 457 for temporary skilled foreign workers will not be affected by the new visa regime announced by the Australian Government. They can feel safer in their current visa plans without any hassle or pressure.