Are You Planning A Vacation To Leed, UK – Check Out Top 10 Things To Do As A Tourist

Leeds is filled with many attractions, activities and entertainment. With such a vast collection of things to do, here is a comprehensive list of the top ten that should satisfy culture junkies, foodies, artisans, fashionistas, sports fans and everything in between.

1. Kirkstall Monastery

If you are looking for a day in history, visit the British medieval Cistercian Abbey in Leeds. Set in a beautiful park along the banks of the River Aire, Kirkstall Abbey is one of the complete Cistercian monasteries, features historic architecture, a haven for wildlife and greenery. Take advantage of the beautiful hiking trails, attractions and markets that are held there.

2. Exchange of corn

The Leeds Korn Stock Exchange is one of the most impressive and exciting Victorian buildings in Leeds. Now one of three corn stock exchanges in the country operating in its traditional capacity as a trading hub, the first-listed structure prides itself in advocating for the best creative, innovative and independent retail businesses, and astonishing features in the World. The back building provides a unique shopping experience.

3. The Royal Armory

Visit Leeds Royal Armory for a fascinating day. This is the UK’s National Weapons and Armor Museum, including artillery. Located on the Air River in Clarence Dock, tour the galleries and learn about artillery, weapons, and armour through the ages. Don’t worry; there are a great cafe and bar where you can spend a day before jumping in the thrill of armour.

4. Leeds City Museum

The New Leeds City Museum is a great daytime play for families and visitors of all ages. The museum offers an exciting fun and educational day where you can see exhibits including the famous Leeds tiger, fossils, many artworks and a great and interactive history of Leeds. There are even costumes for kids to try, play areas, and many items designed and displayed with touch in mind.

5. Leeds Art Gallery

It is one of the nation’s most famous galleries with a legacy dating back to its opening in 1888. The Leeds City Gallery contains collections of great interest and is also home to the Tiled Hall CafĂ© and Restaurant. Come for a peek, some artistic reflections, and a high dining top.

6. Harwood House

Leeds is home to some cultural gems, and one of them is Harewood House. Located in the heart of Yorkshire, Harewood House is one of England’s 18th-century treasures and houses art collections that rival the best of the country against the backdrop of the most beautiful Yorkshire landscapes. Harewood is more than just a royal residence, it hosts and houses popular contemporary art galleries, an award-winning education department, the famous Bird Garden, over 100 acres of gorgeous gardens, an outdoor theatre and more. Unexpected, unique and beautiful events. Strolling the gardens, enjoying traditional tea, and discovering “Harewood” is a great way to spend the day.

7. Electric Press and Millennium Square

Located in the heart of Leeds city centre, The Electric Press is a stylish and welcoming dining, drinking and entertainment destination. It offers an impressive array of cuisines, from Italian to Indian, catering to the most discerning palate. The Electric Press provides a centre for day and night activities in the heart of the Leeds Civic Quarter.