5 Essential steps on how to land a job in Canada

Getting a job abroad is different from applying for a job in your home country, as additional steps must be taken to be eligible. We have listed 4 simple steps below to get a job offer in Canada to help you on your way to new opportunities and maximize your chances of success.

Step 1: Research

It is important to know the country in which you plan to build your new house. Find out what the benefits are, which province or city is right for you based on your professional requirements and, in particular, which Canadian cities are the most affordable to live in 2020.

Step 2: Select your destination

After researching the province or region that works best for you, you can find out which immigration programs are best for your individual needs. Canada has over 70 different visa and immigration programs to choose from and without narrowing your options, the task becomes very overwhelming. Knowing where your profession is in high demand increases your chances of being hired and the chances that you will receive an ITA (investment request) for permanent residence.

Step 3: Choose your immigration program

Once you know where you are going, you can find out what immigration programs and streams are available in the province or region you have chosen, and what the requirements are. If you choose to emigrate to Canada via a PNP, it is important to note that each has its own set of criteria and specifications.

Step 4: localize your CV

It is important to have a professional resume that not only emphasizes your strengths and experience but is also relevant to where you plan to move. It is important to make sure that you have letters of reference for each of your workplaces that qualify as valid work experience. This must include your tasks and hours of work and be signed by your employer. Having a professional resume of an international standard will help you take the lead and increase your chances of living your Canadian dream.

Step 5: Start the job search

Finding a job that allows you to live and work in Canada can be very difficult, but knowing where to look is one of the most important factors. There are several job portals with thousands of job vacancies that you can choose online, such as: